Automatic Renewal is just that, renewing automatically.

Each May, you wonít have to:   How Do I Sign Up?
  • Send in anything
  • Sign Anything
  • Read anything
  • Fill out anything
  • Go Online
  • Buy stamps
  • Remember to mail in your renewal

Follow the directions on the enclosed application and be sure to fill out your credit card information. Thatís it. Every year, Vicencia & Buckley will renew your professional liability insurance in May using your credit card information.

How Does it Work?   A word from our attorneys:
Every May Vicencia & Buckley will charge your credit card for the insurance premium based on your existing level of coverage (Divemaster, Instructor, optional Equipment Liability, Excess Liability, etc.). By the end of June, your Certificate of Insurance will arrive. Youíll be finished with renewal! Nothing to worry about, no gap in coverage and you can continue, business as usual.
  • Automatic renewal participation is based on your continued membership with PADI.
  • Automatic renewal participation will continue so long as the insurance premium does not increase more than six (6%) per annum. If at any time the premium increase exceeds six percent (6%), you will be asked to reconfirm automatic renewal participation.
  • Automatic renewal participation may be terminated by the member's written request to Vicencia & Buckley insurance Services, Inc.